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When things go wrong with your car, it can be a frustrating and stressful situation. Luckily, Gunner’s Garage has highly-skilled technicians who will provide you with any auto repairs your vehicle needs. We get the job done right the first time so that you can be back on your way in no time.

By scheduling regular services with us, you will be ensuring your car is at its highest level of safety, performance, and reliability. Following maintenance recommendations will keep your warranty in full coverage and boost your vehicle’s resale value, earning you more money in the long run.

Our highly trained technicians offer a variety of services to guarantee that our customers’ needs are met. From transmissions to fluid flushing, brake repair to heating and cooling, Gunner’s Garage provides affordable and trustworthy assistance that treats each customer’s vehicle as our number one priority.

Wheel Alignment at Gunners Garage

Stop by our auto shop for any of the following services:

The most important arrangement in your car is the brake system, and it is crucial to have a superior working one. From brake inspection to fluid flush, we provide full-service repair and maintenance on your brake system.

Inspection: Inspecting your brakes is our first priority, and our examinations are complete and thorough. We also test the condition of the brake fluid.

Pads: Brake pad replacement is often a task that gets overlooked, and our long-lasting brake pads continue to receive positive reviews from our customers because we never use the substandard pads.

Rotors: If a new brake rotor or drum is required to be replaced, you can guarantee a first-rate quality rotor or drum will be chosen. Resurfacing is also included because rotors would otherwise become deformed after a short amount of time.

Fluid Flush: Old brake fluid causes issues such as leaks, sticking calipers, longer stopping distances and eventually greater brake repair. We provide advanced fluid flushing of your brakes and will, therefore, guarantee a longer life for your brake fluid afterward.

Is your ABS Light on? If yes, you need brake service, and we will provide the proper testing and repairing to solve the problem.

We provide preventive maintenance services, such as radiators, water pumps, and hoses, that guarantee your engine will not overheat.

Cooling System Hoses: Like rubber parts, cooling system hoses are not meant to survive the same amount of time as your car. They should be replaced every five years to avoid old age and unpredictability.

Radiators: The engine must be kept cool to avoid severe issues like overheating and seizure. Our top quality radiators pump a mixture of water and anti-freeze through chambers in the engine block to help prevent these problems.

Coolant Flush: We use a flushing machine that allows the replacement of 100 percent of your old fluid and will safely remove deposits that cause leaks.

You can also trust in us that we will use the highest quality of water pumps to keep your vehicle cool.

Our technicians are trained to use the latest diagnostic equipment to repair your car and provide answers to any questions that you may have about your vehicle.

If your engine is cranking but is not starting: Our technicians are trained to provide the highest level of skills and diagnostic testing to solve the problem of a cranking engine that does not start.

If your engine is not cranking: It is easy to conclude what this signifies but a dead battery can be a lot more than just a dead battery. It could mean that there is a short in the system, that an alternator is not charging or even that an alternator is charging but has a bad diode, which drains a battery. Let us determine what exactly is going on with your engine.

If your “Check Engine” light is on: A common request from our customers is to solve the problem of the “Check Engine” light coming on. Our technicians are trained to use the current diagnostic equipment to tackle today’s modern computer system accurately.

We take care of all of your precautionary maintenance needs. From filter change to coolant flush, we guarantee your satisfaction with whatever needs you may have.

Fluid Checks: Not only do we check to ensure your fluids are full, but we sample the condition of your fluids. This is important because damaged fluids do not lubricate and can lead to unnecessary repairs.

Oil and Filter Change: We use high-quality products and original oil filters to ensure that your engine is getting the filtration and lubrication it needs.

Tire Rotation: Rotating your tires is a very inexpensive way to add thousands of extra miles to your vehicle.

Brake Fluid Flush: Old brake fluid can cause leaks, sticking calipers and longer stopping distances when you brake. We provide fluid flushing and chemical testing to guarantee a long lifespan of your brake fluid.

Coolant Flush: We use a flushing machine that allows the replacement of 100 percent of your old fluid and will safely remove deposits that cause leaks.

We provide the appropriate maintenance and service needed for transmissions and engines to avoid larger problems in the future.

Transmission Machine Flush: In comparison to generic oil change places, our transmission flush is more reliable and much better quality. Substances and deposits tend to build up inside your transmission, and we make it a priority to clean it out and replace the old with new, fresh fluid.

Transmission Filter Service: We replace fiber filters located in most transmissions and reseal the bottom pan with a gasket or sealer, completely assuring you that future transmission leaks will be avoided.

Looking for engine service? From tune-ups to manifold gaskets, timing belts to full replacement; We as a full-service repair facility offer high-quality service to fix your engine.

Understanding that cleaning and replacing your vehicle’s fluids is important will prevent unnecessary repair later.

We make it our duty to identify the problem and solution of your car’s fluids to, therefore, give you the results you need.


  • Deposits accumulate on intake valves injectors, ports, fuel injectors and combustion chambers causing: loss of power, hard starting, knocking, misfire, hesitation, pinging and rough idle.


  • Clean the intake valves and ports.
  • Remove the combustion chamber deposits.
  • Clean the plenum and air-intake.
  • Wash the fuel injectors.
  • Correct the balance of fuel and air within system.
  • Clean the throttle body.

Your Results

  • Reduced emissions
  • Increased fuel economy
  • Restored horsepower
  • Smooth start
  • Quieter run

We provide full-service air conditioning repair to ensure your coolness and comfort when driving.

Odors: If you are noticing a musty or foul smell in your car, this can be a result of bacteria trying to grow in your air conditioning system. We will completely clean out your system to remove this bacteria and leave your car smelling fresh.

Air Conditioning Service: If your air conditioning system has stopped blowing cold, this is a sign that there might be a leak, the system is low of refrigerant, or simply that it is in need of inspection. We can determine any sized leak, so allow us to evaluate the problem and recharge your system.

Major Repairs: We are also able to diagnose and perform significant air conditioning repairs such as replacing compressors, evaporator, condensers and more

If you are noticing an odd noise or clunk when going over bumps, we will examine and replace struts, shocks, ball joints and more.

Power Steering: It is recommended to clean and flush the lubrication fluid of your vehicle every 30,000 miles to avoid unnecessary repairs later. We can also replace the hoses, pinion and rack, valves and power steering pump.

Shocks and Struts: Providing not only a smooth and more relaxing ride; our high-quality shocks and struts also protect the steering and suspension components of your car. High-quality struts and shocks are crucial to supporting your vehicle, functioning similarly to the way tennis shoes do for people.

Major Repairs: We also provide major repairs for steering and suspension parts like idler arms, tie rods, ball joints and more

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