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We believe it is very important for you and your family to have safe and reliable transportation at all times. At Gunner’s Garage we give our customers the peace of mind in knowing that their vehicle is being cared for by experts with over 72 years of experience. Whether your car is in need of auto repair, inspection, or calls for a complete replacement, our A.S.E. certified technicians get the job right the first time.

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Guy Gunner at Gunners Garage


Josh and Guy have been working on my two vehicles for the last few years.  I know when I bring my car to them, they repair only what is needed to be repaired.  Their pricing is very reasonable and the

G. Martinez

Years ago, we were still relatively new to the area and had difficulties finding a mechanic with whom we felt comfortable and trusted. Then came that fateful day when while out running errands, I noticed a sign for a new

The Lafrenz Family

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